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Development and script / Realization / Content distribution
  We develop IP products – intellectual property – from the idea, the development of the project and its pitch or presentation. Production of teasers and corporate TV
   Creamos proyectos audiovisuales de alto impacto.  

Content production / 4K – REAL 4.6K

Development and script / Storytelling / Production / Post production / Distribution

More than 30 years from the first film framing to move on to TV production, on-air production, as well as video or corporate TV for companies to reach this explosion of images and audio that are part of our current reality.his is part of this story.

The digital leap. The magic of the video content creation

Today, digital media have evolved to allow us to produce videos and audiovisual resources and include them on various platforms. That is, doing content marketing on websites and networks that allows us to reach audiences with vibrant and content-rich stories.

Video for Youtube / FB and Instagram / WEB platforms
Development of IP projects / Pilots and Minimum Viable Product
Video 4K / Cinematic 4:2:2
Script – storytelling / narrative design
Audiovisual content marketing

Post prod

We use Davinci Resolve for editing and color grade, Fusion, Premiere and After effects to create fantastic images full of expression and meaning.


VFX and CGI special effects, digital animation, sound effects, voice over and original music with cinematographic quality, bradcast and social media.


The integration of media is focused on the audience. VIDEO DIGITAL 4K. We see with the eyes of the people interpreting their reality, needs and desires.


Storytelling. Contamos historias en video 4k. Producción de contenidos digitales. Estamos en el oriente antioqueño. Servicios de producción
We tell stories



We use the available tools: Digital equipment. New technologies
Narrative universes

Video digital / 4K

Digital Media


Fotografía y video 4k. Producción de contenidos digitales. Estamos en el oriente antioqueño. Servicios de producción
Cinematic LOG

Video digital 4k

Video digital 4k

Vibrant colors, contrast quality, multimedia support
Digital Audiovisual Products
El máximo para medios digitales

Youtube / Instagram / Facebook

We tell stories


Fotografía y video 4k. Producción de contenidos digitales. Estamos en el oriente antioqueño. Servicios de producción
Visual narrative



Industry / Trade / Product
Graphic reporting, reporting and
Product photography sessions in the studio

Digital retouching – Design suites

People / Lifestyle

Video Digital / Cinematic LOG

We produce high quality video / Look & feel Cinema

Think TRANSMEDIA and STORYTELLING. Think about: MEDIA convergence

→ Audiovisual Production

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Today we understand production as the global process of development, that is, EXECUTION. If we talk about a transmedia strategy, we are clear that it is developed over time and between media. For example: Several clips appear today in organic networks, the data tells us which ones work best so that it is possible to adjust media in pursuit of results and launch campaigns in networks, media planning, according to the being and understanding of the audience. We are talking then about production, post-production (editing), delivery and distribution of content.

Development of Transmedia projects2020-11-26T20:34:19-05:00

Producing TV, video or cinema follows a planning task, whether it is a project to digitalize products for electronic commerce or an intellectual property product for OTT platforms such as Netflix, regional and local networks or niche global audiences on networks. social. Taking these factors into account includes schedules, budget to finally consider from the creative and technical aspects the appropriate distribution channels, data analysis and speed in decision making.

Storytelling / Narrative universes2020-11-26T20:22:34-05:00

Today, within a structured "more" concept, knowing the multiplicity of platforms - web, digital media, cinema, TV, radio, new formats - and the convergence of media, content acquires importance in the value chain of the audiovisual world, proposing of new ways of narrating and visualizing stories in a more connected universe. This, in summary, means creative and far-reaching alternatives added to the democratization of audiovisual and technological media.

Digital Design / Production / Postprod

Copy – copywriting / WEB – social media / TV – Cinema – Audiovisual – Photography / Illustration – graphic
  We work for objectives and goals from the perspective of user experience and creative expression under practices in solidarity with the environment and the community.   
   We generate creative media projects with high impact media content.  

Achieving the goals