Diseño de sitios WEB. WordPress / Woocommerce. Tiendas virtuales y comercio virtual en Colombia.

Having networks is very good. They are an important part of the online strategy work within the digital transformation plan. This part is digital marketing, forming audiences, and creating leads or funnels that allow for the achievement of measurable objectives, basically speaking. Saying it is a phrase, but doing it is a brand-building process, an audience-building process.

Nevertheless, it is ideal for a brand to have its "headquarters," namely a website, to deploy its plan from there, meaning the online strategy, which can include, as the databases are filled, outposts such as marketplaces, affiliates, and allies.

The website, the website design, are assets just like the domain name and the service itself, so they should reflect the feelings of those who build the brand, products, and services day by day. Regardless of the digital world, on the other side of the person writing here, as in this case, there is an intrigued navigator eager to learn and discover, I hope. Let that be the example.

Website design

Website design. Gateway to the digital universe.

Today, a website showcases and sells, promises and fulfills, offers and delivers. And all of this without disturbing the tranquility and security of the online buyer.

For this to happen, a website, a virtual store for our purposes, relies on certain variables that involve technology, information security, especially when it comes to online payments, administration, distribution, and logistics based on web services, in addition to the presentation of physical products and online services such as training and consulting.

Today, payment gateways have evolved to the point of having secure platforms that provide trust in handling online payments and facilitate the collection of recurring payments.

Once this is resolved, a topic that hasn't been easy for Colombia, the issue of distribution follows on the list, so that online buyers know that they will receive the product they paid for within a reasonable distance, meaning timely delivery at a reasonable cost. This is also a resolved issue.

Our experience with virtual stores, payment gateways, and distribution systems boils down to the fact that they are fundamental points in the development structure of an online commerce, which necessarily starts with an online strategy that leverages digital marketing to overcome these barriers.

Success stories for SMEs: From "selling" six million pesos annually, after a digital transformation process with good design, SEO activities within the site, well-described products, and good photographs, they went on to bill forty-two million pesos in nine months. This was achieved using organic advertising on social media and the newsletter. With paid advertising, the results can be exponential.

Website design

Like everything in life, we are talking about processes that, although they can be done in 3 to 10 days, are the result of clear and well-designed strategies where there is room for learning and development, not for errors. In other words, we have "built" virtual stores in 7 days, and they have been ready to sell and effectively do so.

However, and this is the big "but," it's not just about opening the doors and staying there. It's about giving it your all, attracting navigators to the store, making sure that when they enter their keywords, those magic words, into the search engine, it's your website that appears in the results.

In other words, and it's better to be realistic, it takes effort to succeed. A selling website is the result of good, consistent work.

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