«Mi sitio WEB no vende»This is the most.

It is a common cause of failure in a virtual strategy and in any business or venture in general. The result of a task without planning, scope, objectives, without care for the image, the writing, and without knowing who you are talking to is undoubtedly a promise of guaranteed failure.

Let's look at it in terms of commerce and services.

Experience and unhealthy preparation.

An engineer or an architect doesn't "just build" a structure. They plan it, adhere to soil studies, consider the architectural needs of the client and the project, and the space in which it will be built. A plastic surgeon, a professional in plastic surgery, studies the patient, their desires, and the realistic scope of a surgical procedure. The industrialist and the merchant create a product from the perspective of solving a need. An entrepreneur designs a business based on their business model to serve and gain a niche. In short, they all apply their knowledge and give their best to have a functional product from the inside.

A website, the design of its structure, and its outcome should be a reflection of that achievement, that business objective. Likewise, the website should grow according to that business idea.

Mi sitio WEB no vende

Diseñar un sitio web es poner en marcha un conjunto de técnicas y herramientas que permiten hoy apuntar con total certeza a públicos y audiencias bien definidos y segmentados. La habilidad del propietario de una marca, de los derechos de comercialización o de explotación de un producto o servicio, está en saber orientar su estrategia de negocio hacia precisamente esos públicos, esas audiencias que le van a permitir alcanzar objetivos claros y definidos: Posicionamiento, tráfico, voz, clientes potenciales o leads. Mejor dicho; Un canal digital rentable para las metas de marca.

With this mental clarity, a web designer, their digital agency, will be able to apply their knowledge to achieve a strong identity using technical and creative means that will give intrinsic value to the brand and achieve commercial objectives from a balanced perspective.

Haga que su sitio web venda

If you understand your business, have studied your market, and know both your product and your target audience, a significant part of the task is already done. The rest is understanding that results are the product of intelligent, constant, and progressive efforts over a specific period of time.

Online Strategy / Digital Strategy

The digital strategy tools to achieve these objectives are:

  1. A well-structured website as the center of operations
  2. Web design, copywriting, and content aligned with SEO keyword research, language, and social symbolism related to your products and target market
  3. Designing conversion funnels to understand, capture, filter, and direct your audience and market niche towards your products and services
  4. Creating necessary landing pages for the online strategy. Each page on your website is a landing page
  5. Content generation and planning (media planning) through digital channels:
    1. Email marketing
    2. Content marketing: Organic advertising on social media
    3. Paid ads
Mi sitio WEB no vende. Métale candela