Talking about SEO Copywriting means talking about writing in digital marketing. The fundamental idea is to build audiences. This is SEO Copywriting/Writing in digital marketing.

Sometimes, a product reaches a different audience for reasons unrelated to the product's marketing plan. In other words, there are many products that are used for different purposes than what they were invented for.

Today, based on our experience, I could almost affirm that, depending on the language, an online strategy precisely targets the audience for which the message is written.

What an internet user sees.

Let's look at it this way. On the internet, the primary source of credibility is where the user has arrived. Does the user have other references for your product or the service you provide? They may have references to similar products or services provided by your colleagues or competitors, but not specifically to yours: YOUR PRODUCT, YOUR SERVICE.

Let's start from that basis. What is on the internet is what the user is seeing from you. Period.

SEO Optimization for Content Marketing

SEO Copywriting or writing in digital marketing involves, on the one hand, the optimization of keywords or search phrases, and on the other hand, the writing of advertising messages. One does not conflict with the other. In fact, Google's algorithm, as well as search engine bots, have achieved levels of sophistication that include assessing the content in terms of relevance and how efficiently it responds to user searches.

Let's understand writing as not just the act of literally writing a message. Writing includes writing, of course, and also "writing" for different media and channels available. That is, writing for media such as text, graphics, video, photography, and channels such as social media, websites and blogs, email marketing, etc.

Google will "reward" content that better meets the needs of users with higher positions in search results.

SEO Copywriting / Writing in digital marketing

Perhaps 10 years ago, or maybe even less, a webmaster or web designer would simply stuff web pages with keywords. Today, this is defined as keyword cannibalization and is "penalized" by search engines, resulting in lower ranking for a website.

Let's go back to the beginning. What is available about you on the internet is what is available about you on the internet. There is nothing else. Unless you can bring your store, factory, or industry to your customer, the only thing your "sales lead" has is what you are showing them.

Do you understand now? Concise writing that doesn't talk about benefits or value propositions and even contains spelling or grammar errors not only fails to attract but also drives away conversions. Likewise, a pixelated or blurry image, a video with little sense or low production quality, has the same effect as showing these messages to audiences that have nothing to do with them.

This is what SEO copywriting is all about. No magic, no secrets. Simply studying audiences, products, and services, developing a work plan, and being attentive to the execution of its components and constant measurement to refine the results.

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